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  • Leadership in the development of turbocharger technologies to improve the engine efficiency, in Ukraine and the CIS;
  • The most extended range of turbochargers in the CIS of own production (90 modifications of ICE);
  • 20 years of experience in the development and production of TCR, including for the factories of manufacturers of internal combustion engines;
  • The only producer of TCR in Ukraine with a closed cycle of its own production, 100% of domestic raw materials;
  • Representatives and service centers are located in 15 countries of the CIS and Eastern Europe.
Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders

  • Hydraulic cylinders are widely used in all industries, where a three-dimensional hydraulic drive is used. For example, in construction, road, earthmoving, handling machinery, aviation and space, and in technological equipment — metal cutting machines, press-forging machines.
  • The control of the movement of the piston and the rod of the hydraulic cylinder is carried out with the help of a hydraulic distributor, or with the help of hydraulic control means.
Gear Pumps

Gear pumps

  • Gear pumps NSH are designed to inject hydraulic fluids (hydraulic oil) in the hydraulic systems of tractors, loaders, cars, agricultural, municipal, road-building and tractors, machines and other equipment.
  • The high performance characteristics of the NS pumps have led to their application in the hydraulic systems of tractors, road construction, utility and many other machines and mechanisms.
  • The NSH pumps are available in both left and right rotation, depending on the assembly. Left rotation – rotation of the leading rotor counterclockwise, right rotation – rotation of the leading rotor clockwise, viewed from the drive side.